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Getting Cozy with Splash of Pink

I believe that the best memories are made while in pajamas. Some of the most memorable family moments happen spontaneously. From impromptu picnics in front of the fireplace to waiting for Santa in the living room, pajamas make these unplanned adventures more cozy! Matching Lilly Pulitzer PJ's are a tradition you don't want to break! 

Pajama Knit Button-Up Top

The pajama traditions are more apparent around the holidays. In my household, everything is done in pajamas. Cooking, making gingerbread houses, watching Christmas movies, and waiting for Santa! 

Matching pajama sets make it even better. Matching with your kids is fun and the pictures always come out amazing

Mommy and me matching pajama set(Christmas card worthy). If I had a daughter I would be throwing my credit card down to get this matching set. 

Would you match with your kids? Do you have any fun memories in matching Lilly Pulitzer pajama sets? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear about them!

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