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Apple-Picking Sweaters to Spice Up Your Style

In our family, Fall is applesauce season. Almost every Sunday, you can smell the mouth-watering scent of apples stewing wafting through the house. My grandmother has always sworn that the combo for perfect applesauce is half McIntosh apples and half Macoon. Family secret pro-tip: drop a cinnamon stick in with the apples as you boil them. Serve warm with homemade whipped cream and breadcrumbs finely crush from toasted hamburger buns. To me, the fun was in visiting our local orchard and picking out the apples as a family. Silverman’s Orchard in Easton is still our favorite. Ride the tractors up to the orchards and end each visit with a trip to the petting zoo and some mulled apple cider.

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Whether going with your family, with friends, or on a date we have the perfect sweaters to keep you looking fabulous while meeting all the practical needs of a day at the orchard. The key to creating positive memories and enjoying a day at the orchard is ensuring you are ready for mixed terrain and able to move freely in your outfit. Throw on your favorite Eagan High Rise jeans and a Mavie or Esma Sweater. For a more layered look, combine a Tatum or Noble Cardigan with a French tucked Florin. Match the Arienza Sweater with the Weekender Legging for an effortlessly stylish cozy look.

While enjoying the orchard, don’t forget to take pictures! Styled in your Lilly Pulitzer sweaters from Splash of Pink, these memories will definitely be frame-worthy!

As always, thanks for shopping with us!

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